Our Team

My team is small; there are three of us.  We have over 70 years of experience combined in the construction and remodeling industry.  We were all born in the Winchester area.  We are a 100% All American Team and we speak only English.  So, if you speak French, you are out of luck!

Bobby Adams, Owner

I am married to my wonderful wife Debra, and we have three children in middle and high school.  They are my blessings.  I am a creative person, and off the job I paint and sketch when I am not playing with my black labs.  Don’t talk to me on Monday nights in the fall, because I am a huge football fan.

Charles Kenny, my Right Hand Man

I have known Charles for over 20 years and he has worked with me for many years also.  His specialties include carpentry, siding, windows, doors, etcetera.  He is newly married to his wife, Tonya.  Charles keeps everyone around him at ease with his easy going Sunshine and Lollipops outlook on life.

Dave Mills, my other Right Hand Man

Dave has worked with me for over 20 years and was the best man at my wedding.  His specialties include painting, drywall and many details behind the scenes.  Dave is a happy, honest and dependable friend.  He and his wife Jeanie have two grown girls.